Andoria alpha 0.5 remake/update

ok so ive pretty much done a remake/update whatever you want to call it

ive changed the town and how to enter the mine the quest the old man gives isnt availeble yet its not a mimic anymore as the boss down in the mine and ive done some other changes ive tried to balance teh classes out a little bit

*remaked the town

-theres not a quest from an old man anymore (srry :P)

*new way to enter the mine

+weapon shop and item shop (fully working)

*inn now costs more than potions do (because it heals your whole party too (if you now have a party)and it heals all of your HP while hte potion does not)

*changed the boss in the mine

-mine remake isnt finished

*new intro broken dungeon scene/map


andoria alpha 0.5.exe 188 MB
130 days ago

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